Doctor Strange 2016: Photos Leaked From The Set, Cumberbatch Sports A Beard, Speculation About More Than One Villain!

Doctor Strange is the next character from the world of Marvel Comics that will be coming to the big screen. British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is going to bring to life the character of Doctor Strange.

Slated to release sometime in 2016, the Cumberbatch starring Doctor Strange is already in production. Parent Herald reported that the cast and crew members are currently on location at Nepal.

This piece of news is going to make the fans of the comic version of Doctor Strange happy since Nepal is where Doctor Strange begins his journey into the world of sorcery. This indicates that the film is following the story of how Doctor Strange becomes the most powerful magician in the world.

The first look of the character of Doctor Strange was revealed in the Disney conference that was organized in Africa. Cumberbatch was spotted with the trademark facial hair and beard that is associated with the Marvel character. The menacing look of Doctor Strange 2016 was met with positive reviews by the fans.

The shooting is going to take place in Hollywood’s Pinewood Studios. However, the leading man and some of the crew members are now in Nepal to shoot for some of the sequences. The photos that have been taken by onlookers show Benedict Cumberbatch in the Doctor Strange appearance for the first time and he seemed to look good with the big beard.

Benedict Cumberbatch is known to be a method actor who keeps changing his look depending on the character he is playing at the moment. It’s the same when it comes to Doctor Strange 2016. The disheveled hair and the long and heavy beard apart, Benedict Cumberbatch was also spotted on location with a large moustache typical of Doctor Strange that comic book fans will be aware of.

For those who aren’t aware of the story of Doctor Strange, read on. The plot revolves around Stephen Vincent Strange, who had once been a neurosurgeon, but had given up on his practice. He meets with a terrible accident, which completely changes the way he looks at life.

Vincent Strange enters the world of the mystic when he goes to the Himalayas for his treatment. The accident leaves his hand ineffective and he goes in search for The Ancient One, to be played by Tilda Swinton. In the end, not only does he regain the use of his hands, but also ends up acquiring knowledge powerful enough to turn him into the protector of the planet from villains and black magic.

There are speculation that the cast and crew is in Nepal to shoot for the opening part of the film, where Stephen Strange is going to look for the sorcerer who is going to cure his hand. The Ancient One upon seeing him will realize that he is meant to become the supreme sorcerer in the world and will teach him all the tricks and mysticism that he needs to protect the realm.

Doctor Strange 2016 will be directed by Ben Davis and the director has confirmed that the film isn’t going to be a typical Marvel film. It is going to be dark and psychedelic. The way it is going to be made, is something that no other Marvel film seen before.