Downton Abbey Season 6: Lily James Confirms That Rose Will Be Back, What Next For Lady Mary And Lady Edith?

The time for the curtains to come down in Downton Abbey Season 6 is nearing; and this time it is going to be the last time ever. The popular periodic drama created by Julian Fellowes has reached the last part of the final season and it is a sad time for both the actors and the viewers of the show.

As has been the trademark practice, Downton Abbey Season 6 is also going to come to an end with the Christmas special episode. The previous Christmas episode had shown Lady Rose Aldridge and her husband Atticus Aldridge leave for America, but the two are going to be back in England from New York and will be reuniting with all their friends and family.

It was Lily James, who confirmed the news that the Aldridges are going to be back in England before the series ended. Lily James had been very keen on reprising her role of Rose Aldridge and she had told in an interview to Zao2It that she hopes that the show-runner brings her back again Downton Abbey Season 6.

When asked what is in store for her character, Lily James didn’t reveal much. All she said was that she sometimes wants her character to come back to England completely broken down and ruined with her life in New York, while a part of her wants Rose to be happy forever.

There are reports that Rose Aldridge might be approaching motherhood since Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) has mentioned in an episode in Downton Abbey Season 6 that Lady Rose might be pregnant. Fans will have to wait and watch the Christmas special episode to find out what’s in store for Lady Rose in the future.

Julian Fellowes had promised the fans of Downton Abbey that they will not be left wanting for answers after watching the last episode of the series. He had said that since they are ending the story of the Crawley’s and those associated with them, they will tie up all the loose ends and also give a happy ending to all the characters.

Two characters whom the viewers wanted to get a happy ending were Lady Mary and Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael). It was believed that Lady Mary is going to finally find true love with Henry Talbot (Matthew Goode). When Goode returned on Downton Abbey Season 6, viewers were happy thinking that Goode will finally ask Lady Mary’s hand for marriage. However, things came to an end between the two of them when Lady Mary ended their relationship after seeing a man die on the race tracks.

Lady Edith, on the other hand seems to have finally found happiness. Bertie Pelham (Henry Hadden-Paton) asks her hand in marriage. While this heralds in happiness for the young girl, she is in a dilemma about what to do with regard to Marigold.

Lady Edith is unsure whether she should inform Bertie about her illegitimate child and she confides in her mother her dilemma. Edith doesn’t want Bertie to leave her and go, but she also cannot hide the secret of Marigold from him all of their life together.

The new trailer shows Lady Edith trying to ponder about what to do. There are speculations that the kind of man Bertie Pelham is, he will happily accept the past that Lady Edith has. Fans feel that Lord Grantham will tell Bertie about Marigold, but Bertie will still be determined to marry Edith and as the teaser shows him, will do it all because he wants Edith to be happy.