Avril Lavigne Who Is Rumored To Be Dead, Out Shopping Pumpkin With Ryan Cabrera, Jams With Ex-Husband Chad Kroeger!

It looks like Avril Lavigne has already gotten herself a new man. Recently divorced Avril Lavigne was seen pumpkin shopping in Beverly Hills and the man with her was Ryan Cabrera. The pop singer was in the Halloween mood and was spotted wearing a black dress with a skeleton print. She teamed up the outfit with Converse shoes and black wayfarers.

Onlookers reported that after Ryan Cabrera and Avril Lavigne shopped groceries together, they were driven away by her assistant in her car. There hasn’t yet been any insight on whether the couple was out on a friendly meet up or if they were an item.

Yes, the internet is abuzz with photos of Avril Lavigne and Ryan Cabrera in the pumpkin patch together, but Ryan Cabrera isn’t single and ready to mingle, even if Avril Lavigne is. Cabrera is very much in love with Katie Krause, who is a reporter in the entertainment industry.

Katie Krause has photos galore in the social media that can vouch for the fact that she and Ryan Cabrera are an item and there are no chances of Avril Lavigne coming into the picture.

While pumpkin patch hopping by celebrities is a very common way of revealing who is with whom, be careful to note that there is nothing developing between these two. The photo of Ryan Cabrera and Avril Lavigne got more attention than it deserves simply because poor Avril suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

The slip beneath her sheer skeleton dress slipped and revealed her right breast and this photo has been circulated all over the internet and stories have been made about Ryan Cabrera being there with her on her outing.

Avril Lavigne broke up with her husband Chad Kroeger a few months back. The two of them had started dating after they collaborated on a song together and the Nickelback frontman and the singer came back to collaborate again in spite of having ended their marriage.

Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne announced their divorce in September. The two mentioned in a statement that they have decided to end their marriage since it wasn’t working out, however, this isn’t an indication that they will stop being friends. The two have been best of friends since they first collaborated on music and will continue doing the same.

Avril Lavigne even shared a photo of the two of them coming back and jamming again.  The singer shared a photo on her Instagram page and captioned it saying that they are back where it all begun. The two seemed excited to work again together and didn’t seem to let their failed marriage come in way of their music composition.

Kroeger recently had an operation to remove a cyst from his vocal box in June and this had forced Nickelback to cancel all their tours since Kroeger was advised complete rest of his vocal chords.

Avril Lavigne hadn’t been keeping well herself. She has been suffering from Lyme disease and she was restricted to her home where she was fighting the disease with antibiotics and complete bed rest.

However, Avril Lavigne hasn’t been complete idle all this while. She has already started work on her first Christmas album and Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys recently announced on Twitter, that the singer is going to be collaborating with him on his next album All American.