GTA 6 Might Feature a Female Protagonist, Speculations Suggest a 2018-2020 Release!

GTA 5 was a complete success and as a result, players are really quite excited about what Rockstar has in store for us next. Fans are really expecting a lot from GTA 6 and players are quite hooked on to the rumors and speculations regarding this title. However, right now all we can do is simply predict what’s gonna happen next.

A lot of fans are still quite excited about GTA 5 and all its additions and upcoming DLCs and much more. Therefore, Rockstar is probably not thinking about releasing a GTA 6 anytime soon. All the major reports suggest that Rockstar will take a lot of time developing it and it furthermore, it should release in 2019 and not before that. Dan Houser let slip in 2013 that the upcoming GTA game might include a female presence.

The information was further published on The Guardian and in Houser’s exact words, “In the future, could we do a game with a lead female character? Of course.”  He further claimed that it is one of the things that they always talk about but ultimately, they will find the right game to add a female character. Earlier, we heard rumors about Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling joining the cast in GTA VI.

The release date of GTA VI is quite some time away but the name has already generated quite a great amount of buzz around it. The rumors about Hollywood stars making an appearance started some time back.

The most prominent names are that of the ones that have been mentioned above. According to Neuro Gadget, Gosling has already agreed to be a part of the GTA VI project while Mendes should end up being the first female playable character in the GTA franchise. The excitement for GTA VI will keep continuing due to the major success of GTA V.

The game won big at the Golden Joystick Awards which is a very prestigious award and also a highly popular one, in the gaming industry. GTA 5 further won awards in other categories like “Best PC Game,” “Most Played”, “Best Multiplayer,” and “Innovation of the Year.”

Grand Theft Auto 5 also reached a major milestone when it became the fourth best-selling game of all time and sold a massive 54 million copies across all the supported platforms. With the development timeline for GTA 6, the makers have to work on a lot of stuff and exceed the brilliance of GTA 5.

Keep it in mind that there are very low chances of GTA 6 releasing in the next two years. The developers will take more years to make this title and it has been agreed that they have many more ideas that can be put to use.

Moreover, you simply cannot expect a game like GTA 6 to be built in just 2 years. There are many fans who are quite interested about the idea of multiple protagonists and this could be further expanded on GTA 6. However, Rockstar is probably not sure about this but thanks to the great GTA 5 success; GTA 6 will probably have multiple protagonists in it.

Meanwhile, with the lot of Eva Mendes rumors, fans are wondering whether Rockstar will introduce a female character in GTA 6. Rockstar will definitely try to keep player interests and expectations high and there will be a lot of improvements in GTA 6, specifically when it comes to the multiplayer mode.