GTA 6 Might Feature a Female Protagonist, Speculations Suggest a 2018-2020 Release!

There are a lot of things that need to be fixed in GTA 5 but the multiplayer part of this game is pretty awesome. There were a lot of issues in GTA 5 right from the beginning and this ended up disappointing a lot of players. If a multiplayer mode is seen in GTA 6, it will probably come with a lot of bugs and issues that make the players have second thoughts regarding this title.

Besides the Mendes and Gosling rumors, there are further speculations which suggest that the entire US map could be featured in GTA 6. At the same time, fans can also expect a global setting. In an interview, Houser stated that he welcomed the idea on having London in a story setting. However, it is highly unlikely that this will turn into a title for the GTA franchise.

The GTA franchise is still gathering a lot of ideas and concepts regarding what can be presented and planned for the upcoming GTA 6 and unfortunately, this could take several years. Some speculations of the game suggest that it will release in 2018 while NeuroGadget recently revealed that the release date might be in 2020.

There is still no concrete proof regarding the game’s development and as a result, it is advised that fans should manage their expectations accordingly.

Stay tuned for more updates on GTA 6!