Avril Lavigne Who Is Rumored To Be Dead, Out Shopping Pumpkin With Ryan Cabrera, Jams With Ex-Husband Chad Kroeger!

Avril Lavigne was recently a part of a very bizarre rumor. There was news being circulated that Avril Lavigne had actually died a decade ago and was replaced by her doppelganger. The story was first reported in a blog called Avril Esté Morta, which had a detailed report on how Avril died while on a ski vacation with her friends and family in 2002.

The blog even talked about an elaborate incident where Avril had a freakish accident while on the vacation. Avril Lavigne was supposedly snowboarding when she crashed against a tree. The singer had died on impact, but she was air lifted from the resort in British Columbia, but was declared dead by the hospital.

The blog’s main aim for creating this story was to show how people believed any report that they read on the internet if it had enough reports by eye witnesses and was circulated often around the web.

The blog got a fresh lease of life when Ryan Broderick from Buzzfeed shared the link again on his Twitter account. This is how people behave online and Avril Lavigne isn’t the only celebrity who has gone through something of this fashion.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger was rumoured to be dead by another website The 68 year old was supposedly found dead in his California home and the article also has reports from the Police Chief of Los Angeles Police Department.

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