DoTA 2 and League of Legends to Lead PC Gaming Sector to $500M in USA This Year!

The popularity of MOBA games is super-massive. There were millions of people who tried out free-to-play games for PC last year and 52% of them were interested in MOBA, which is an astounding figure. At the same time, these popular titles are much more played by males than females. Recent surveys indicate that 74 percent MOBA players are male with an average age of 25.33. It is younger than the average age for free to play gamers at 26.37. The youth of our world, which can be dangerously cavalier with cash, is the primary reason behind such huge profits experienced by League of Legends and DoTA 2.

League of Legends has made $1 billion in each of the last two years. You will be surprised to know that even then, around 46% MOBA gamers don’t purchase anything with cash. According to EEDAR, the situation is quite similar to that in Mobile gaming where the top profits are generated from the top percentage of players. EEDAR revealed that the top 1 percent players are responsible for 10% of the revenue while around 62% is generated by the top 10 % players.

The primary driver of revenue within these MOBA titles is full-body character skins or vanity items that are designed for specific character gear slots. As a result, Avatar Cosmetics contributes to 36% of all MOBA revenues. The Hero or Champions Unlock comes second.

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