Call of Duty Advanced Warfare New Weaponry and Gear Revealed, Gamers Face Issues While Downloading Ascension!

Reports indicate that Sledgehammer Games have developed brand new weaponry for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. It comes with Xbox Exclusive gear along with the best guns this game has seen so far. Michael Condrey, Sledgehammer co-founder has installed the latest deadliest range of guns in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. He wrote on Twitter and revealed the five most deadly weapons with the best amazing kill-to-death ratio stats.

It has allowed the fans to look at the most effective weapons along with their variants. According to Sledgehammer, the top deadliest guns right now are the ARX-160- Hole Puncher, Ameli – Heavy, HBRa3 – Insanity, Bal-27 – O.Steed and Pytaek – Loophole. It follows the release of some exclusive gear for the Xbox fans, the previous week.

In Xbox One and Xbox 360, the new content is being distributed via air supply drops and it includes the Atlas Ranger Set as well. The content was actually released a little later after the launch of Atlas Engineer Set and reports indicate that latest content will come with a new weapon. Furthermore, during the weekend, Condrey again revealed in Twitter that a new antique pistol will be added soon as well.

Meanwhile, Michael has been asking fans regarding the guns from previous installments that they wish to be introduced in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. The top answers for Throwback Weapons choices are ACR, Intervention, FAMAS, MP5, PP90, and UMP45. Moreover, the spawn changes that were made for up-linking Comeback are flourishing in competitive gameplay. This depicts even strengths to both sides of the map.

Meanwhile, fans have set up a petition demanding a remaster of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for PS4 and Xbox One. The petition has accomplished its goal of 150,000 signatures. The petition is currently moving towards 200,000 but there hasn’t been a response from Activision yet. According to the petition letter, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was the best game in this franchise. The gamers want the fun and enjoyable game which provides players with a nostalgic feeling and includes the maps, guns and incredible kill streaks.