Katy Perry is Giving Mayer His Own Pill, Taylor Swift Wants a Reconciliation!

Katy Perry and John Mayer are over. So says the grapevine surrounding the singer. It is also being said that she is out to give John Mayer a taste of his bitter pill.

Katy Perry and John Mayer have been dating on and off for over two years now and when fans thought that things were looking up for the couple, Katy was spotted cozying up to Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons, right after a concert in Berlin.

It was believed that the 30-year-old singer had mended things with boyfriend, John Mayer, but the episode with Winston made it look otherwise. Those close to the singer are saying that this was Katy’s ways of trying to teach Mayer a lesson.

Katy Perry has always been insecure about her relationship with Mayer. During the course of their two-year relationship, Katy has been jealous about the way John would interact with girls. The last time they had reconciled, John Mayer had promised to mend his philandering ways, but never quite lived up to the promise.

Katy Perry realised that Mayer will not commit, and she took the harsh decision of not doing the same. She decided that she would flirt with other men to make him jealous. Winston Marshall episode was such a case. She wanted to make Mayer understand what it was that he stood to lose.

While Katy was dealing with her complicated relationship with Mayer, her ex-husband, comedian Russell Brand came out with a documentary at the SXSW festival. The documentary revealed personal exchanges between Katy Perry during the course of their marriage and also revealed how the rift came among them.

Katy Perry has been hurt by the way she has been portrayed in the documentary and the fact that such personal details were revealed by Brand, who went on record to say that they were moving in two different directions, and a break-up was inevitable.