Katy Perry is Giving Mayer His Own Pill, Taylor Swift Wants a Reconciliation!

Katy Perry had been super busy in the recent months, performing in sold out concerts all over the world. Her Australian tour was turned into a documentary called Katy Perry: Prismatic World Tour. The film premiered in USA on the 28th of March.

The numerous costume changes and the list of Katy’s iconic songs kept the viewers riveted. Fans also got to know a lot about the person, Katy Perry, from a few of her songs during the tour.

At the Mario Lopez Q&A she revealed she is a late riser and takes a lot of time to beautify herself and she has captivated female fans by saying that she has a shoe fetish and always carries a large suitcase full of them, while she is travelling.

While Katy is enjoying the success of her tours, Taylor Swift, who is John Mayer’s ex, is trying to patch things up with him. Katy and Taylor have been rivals for a long time, but it looks like Taylor is out to reconcile her differences. She doesn’t want to get back with Mayer romantically, but wants to collaborate with him for a song.

It is about time we wait and watch to see if Mayer can get over the scars left behind after Taylor sang “Dear John” after the two split.