Dishonored 2: Release Pushed Back by the Developers, Pre-Order Available for PS 4 And Xbox One Versions, More Details

At the presentation Ralph Colantonio, the president of Arkane Studios, while talking about Dishonored 2 dropped certain signs that hinted towards a delay in the launch of the game.

The most prominent amongst them being the elimination of Spring from Spring 2016 in the presentation while mentioning the game’s possible release date. This could be a clear indication that the release date of the game may be pushed back from Spring 2016 to the end of the year or even 2017.

With just one trailer of the game making its appearance till date, speculations are also running wild that the game might not be complete yet and is still in its developmental stages. The trailer did not portray any details about the gameplay aspect and mostly focused on cinematics related to the game.

A popular website is of the opinion that it is natural for developers to release multiple trailers and sneak peeks of a game when they are about to release it. These ensure maximum promotion and hype for the upcoming game.

However, that has not been the case with Dishonored 2 which further fuels the rumor that the launch of the game might be pushed back to a later date than was previously announced.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dishonored 2.