Developers Initially Thought of Incorporating Photorealistic Visuals in Street Fighter 5, Rage-Quitters Severely Punished by Capcom!

However, Capcom recently revealed that it would penalize rage-quitters by docking their League Points. The latest reports claim that docking of points has been experienced by over 30 players when they rage-quit the game.

Players who rage-quit the game will find that there has been a significant drop in their League Points and Rank once they log back into the game. A top ranked player by the name of World_Combo experienced this when his League Points was drastically reduced from 10,047 to 675.

The previously top-ranked player from Japan was thrown back to the Bronze League when he rage-quit the game.

Capcom also added that the accounts of rage-quitters would be monitored and if the players continue to rage-quit the game, further actions might be taken against them. The new system that Capcom presently employs is very much capable of identifying rage-quitters even without video evidence.

Fans were seen complaining about a number of issues related to the game which induced failure to log-in and problems with connections. However, fans need not worry as Capcom has promised that the developers are working hard to sort out the issues. It also revealed that a number of problems have already been sorted out by the developers.

Stay tuned for more update on Street Fighter 5.