Season 11 Spoilers for Criminal Minds, Actor Shemar Moore Talks about Gay Rumors on Instagram!

It has been a pretty exciting week for Criminal Minds and fans saw the hunky Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan being made the focus of the episode. It turned out that Danny Glover’s role was a kind of a flashback and acted as some sort of a guide in Derek’s head. He fought for his life after being abducted and tortured by a bunch of goons.

There was another highlight when viewers learned about Derek’s girlfriend, Savannah, played by Rochelle Aytes. She was actually pregnant and she was about to tell Derek about it on the night that he was abducted.

He was tortured and experienced a flat-line in the ambulance. However, Derek made it through and she was able to absorb the wonderful news that he is going to become a father and he further asked Savannah to marry him at the end of the episode. Savannah said yes without any hesitation and he Behavioral Analysis Unit now has an engaged-to-be member.

Right now, Derek is out of harm’s way and he will soon start an investigation on his abduction and attack. A man named Edgar tortured him and he was hired by somebody. The search for this mastermind will further continue in the next episode of Criminal Minds.

Meanwhile, Derek’s engagement to Savannah has further sparked speculations that he will be leaving Criminal Minds. Some Redditors have speculated that Derek’s exit would make sense for several reasons. For example, JJ left the series when an episode was titled after her (AJ. Cook)

The episode Lauren was Emily Prentiss’ (Paget Brewster) cover signaled the exit of the brunette agent. Due to the same reasons, fans now believe that Derek is on his way out as well. The other reason is that Moore’s character is about to become a father.

He might also decide to quit since he doesn’t want his future kid to grow up without a father. These are all interesting stories but they need to be taken with a grain of salt. Get ready for a new episode of Criminal Minds on 16th March, 2016, EST on CBS.

Meanwhile, in an Instagram post, Criminal Minds’ actor Shemar Moore declared that he was not gay. He also added that he loves life and people and does not entertain any form of discrimination. This further shot down all gay-related rumors regarding him. He further posted a shirtless picture of himself.

“Awwwwwww s—…. Let the controversy begin!” he wrote. “I love him.. I hate him.. He’s straight.. He’s gay… He’s sweet.. He’s arrogant… Well, I would just like to say I LOVE women and life and people!!!” Moore added: “I do not discriminate or allow people to feel small…. PERIOD!!! Say what you want… I am SHEMAR FRANKLIN MOORE… PERIOD!!! Heeeeeeeeey BABY GIRLS n Fans!!! Happy Saturday!!! Keep it SILLY n SEXY!!! Kisses n Thangs!!!” The post was liked 60,500 times by his 1.7 million followers.

Moore, aged 45 has been busy promoting Season 11 of Criminal Minds and he took time answering apparent questions about his sexuality.

Moore’s character, Derek Morgan was given one of the main storylines after Jennifer Love Hewitt left the show after Season 10 since she was pregnant in real life and wanted to spend time with her second child.

Fans were quite shocked when Morgan was kidnapped by a group of men he was trying to bring down in previous episodes.