Developers Initially Thought of Incorporating Photorealistic Visuals in Street Fighter 5, Rage-Quitters Severely Punished by Capcom!

Street Fighter 5 was released by Capcom just in the recent past on February 16, 2016, for PC and PlayStation 4. It was also released for the Linux platform at a later date. The game has been developed by Dimps in collaboration with Capcom. It is the fifth installment in the popular Street Fighter series of video games.

Anime-esque graphics have become a trademark for Street Fighter games. However, with Street Fighter 5, the developers initially thought of incorporating realistic graphics. Koichi Sugiyama, the producer of the game recently revealed that a prototype of the game had been created by Capcom which had photorealistic visuals.

However, after creating the prototype, the developers thought that photorealistic graphics would not fit well in a Street Fighter title. The game would feel incomplete without its traditional exaggerated anime-esque graphics. Thus, they thought of ditching the idea and instead created Street Fighter 5 with anime-esque graphics.

Sugiyama revealed that the developers had used Unreal Engine 4 to create the game. He pointed out that this particular game engine is renowned for rendering photorealistic graphics. He also mentioned about the hard work of the developers which they put into the game to perfect its anime-esque look.

In support of the claim, a number of images were released by Capcom which was present in the Street Fighter 5 book. The E-version of the game which was released in Japan contains the Street Fighter book.

Sugiyama then went on to talk about a renowned character of the game- Ryu. He stated that the story of this character in the game would be that he was training in seclusion in the mountains and had just returned back. Thus, the character will be seen sporting a beard. A number of bruises and cuts will also be seen on his body.

He also revealed that the idea of the Hot-Ryu costume came into existence after this episode involving photorealistic graphics.

Certain changes were spotted in the costume of a character called M. Bison. The character is known to wear a dictator hat and a long jacket. However, both of these items were seen missing form his outfit in the realistic engine.

However, the character was still wearing the red outfit that is traditional to M. Bison. His hair was combed backward and purple veins were seen running all over his body.

The developers had come up with some other quirky ideas regarding the costumes of some other characters in the game. A militaristic Shadaloo outfit was planned for the character of Birdie. As for another character called Nash, the developers had planned a ninja style outfit for him.

Various reports suggest that these outfits might get added to the game through the online shop which will be incorporated into it via a patch that will be released in the ongoing month. Until the shop is added to the game, players will not be able to access or purchase any unlocked story costumes for the different characters.

The game has been released without a number of modes that are traditional to the Street Fighter series. One such mode is the Arcade ladder. It is for this reason accompanied with the fact that the online shop in the game is still missing, Street Fighter 5 has been touted as an incomplete game by many a fan.

However, Capcom has revealed that a number of additional characters along with new game modes will be added to the game through upcoming DLCs.

A renowned website reports that players who rage-quit Street Fighter 5 will be severely punished by Capcom. Rage-quitting is a system in which a player would quit a match early if they feel they are going to lose. Previously, this technique was beneficial as it would prevent the player from losing any points.