Batman V Superman Will Open at $300-$340 Million, Ticket Sales Indicate Opening Weekend Might Beat Star Wars!

The upcoming DC title of Warner Bros. Batman v Superman officially registered on tracking reports this morning and it is four weeks before its debut on 25th March.

According to the industrial estimates, Batman v Superman, the upcoming blockbuster featuring The Dark Knight against the Son of Jor El, is opening worldwide between $300-$350 million in over 30000 screens.

When considering global superhero debuts, if Batman v Superman actually does manage such astronomic numbers, it will end up ranking fifth behind Avengers: Age of Ultron ($392.5M), Spider-Man 3 ($381.7M) and Iron Man 3 ($372.5M). Meanwhile, Batman v Superman will open worldwide including China and Warner Bros. probably intends this massive blast off to capitalize on the Easter Holiday which takes place all around the world.

Meanwhile, Good Friday will shut down businesses in various locations like Poland; this High Holy Day will not impede foot traffic in the US. For instance, last year, Furious 7 had a Good Friday haul of $67.4million dollars, making it the highest pre-summer opening day ever.

Meanwhile, the Zack Snyder directed title is estimated to bring in $120-$140 million dollars in the US or Canada at more than 4000 screens in 3D, IMAX,4DX, PLF, as indicated by the latest emerging reports.

There are also a few 70mm prints of Batman v Superman and of course, Warner Bros. isn’t making use of any of the projectors left from The Hateful Eight. If the figures stack up, Batman v Superman will rank as the second highest opening after The Hunger Games of 2012 at $152.2 million.

Among males under and over the age of 25, total awareness, first choice and definite interest is huge. One rival distribution exec recently revealed, “Youngest females are their weakest quad, but they’re still damn good’’. Meanwhile, the advance tickets for Batman v Superman went on sale Monday.

The first day sales of Batman v Superman have outstripped Dark Knight Rises. Before its three day opening at $160.9 million, the 2012 threequel collected $25million in advance ticket sales.  A B.O analyst from a rival studio declared that upon hearing the pre-sales Intel on BvS that, the film is actually pacing in tandem with Dark Knight Rises and furthermore, the Batman-Superman combo could be looking at a $180million plus stateside debut.

In reality, this was the original industry opening projection for Dark Knight Rises before the Aurora, CO. Midnight Theater shooting struck and slowed down business for the Christopher Nolan film during its first FSS.  While, Dark Knight Rises enjoyed the benefits of Summer Weekday audiences, BvS is actually hoping to milk as many spring breakers possible. However, it doesn’t matter what season you play when it comes to record openings at the box office.

Right now, a lot of people are wondering whether the greatest gladiator fight in the history of the world will make as much money as Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You need to compare the two legendary properties, before you discount this particular theory.

Considering the financial figures brought in by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the concept doesn’t sound too silly. However, we need to look at why people really wanted to watch Star Wars and then it won’t sound easily at all. Force Awakens was a really great movie and many people ended up seeing it multiple times.

However, no one was sure whether this movie would be great; frankly speaking, people didn’t even know whether this movie would be good. People simply wanted to be there, on the opening weekend.

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