Awakening DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Just Released for Xbox One and PC!

Treyarch is once again offering Double XP on Weapons. It is being offered as a part of the Double XP Weekend event which began on 4th March and will come to a conclusion on 10am PT/1pm ET on Monday, March 7.

There are no restrictions on the event based on platform and thus it can be enjoyed by players who are playing the game on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3. PlayStation 4 and PC. In this particular event, players will be able to earn double the normal XP for their weapons which would allow them to upgrade them and max out their abilities level quickly.

Just in the recent past, the developers announced a brand new patch for the Zombies mode of the game. The patch was announced for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. This new patch will reportedly be rolled out in the oncoming week.

It will bring forth several changes to the Zombies mode of the game. It was reported that not only will it bring changes to the Zombies mode, it will also change the overall multilayer playing experience of the game. It will also work towards fixing certain bugs and errors in the game.

The patch will bring the following changes to the Zombies Mode-

  • Fixing of an issue which enabled a player to trigger the rocket shield functionality and/or Gobblegumswhen the scoreboard was visible on-screen.
  • An exploit in the Daily Challenge system will be fixed by the patch.
  • A balancing pass will be provided to alternate ammo types after application of the patch.
  • An issue in which a blank Daily Challenge card appeared in the after action report after the conclusion of a local or offline Zombies game will also be fixed by the patch.
  • An issue in which the Double Weapon XP meter faltered in showing the correct amount of XP earned after a match will get fixed by the new patch.

Apart from the Zombies mode, the patch will also bring some fixes to the Dead Ops Arcade II which include the following-

  • A bug in which the Firepower fate weapon failed to upgrade to the purple version will be fixed by the patch.
  • After exiting a vehicle, a player remained vulnerable to damage for a small period of time. This will be addressed by the patch.
  • The Siegebot Player vehicle time will be increased by 10 seconds to make the game more balanced.
  • After round 24, players will be able to access a new pickup which will be added by the patch
  • The health of the Golden Egg will be increased by 3 times by the patch.

Some changes to the Scorestreak will also be introduced by the updte. An issue in which one less rocket would destroy the Wraith will be fixed by it. Another issue in which enemies who were not using the Engineer Perk andwere still able to spot the Rolling Thunder on the mini-map will also be fixed by the patch.

Apart from this, the patch will also bring some other changes to the game. Readers can check out the complete list here.

The Awakening DLC which was released for PlayStation 4 players last month, just became available for Xbox One and PC players. The expansion pack is currently available at the Xbox Store. Players of the game on PC can currently download it via Steam.

Fans who are in possession of the Season Pass for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 need not shell out any money for the expansion pack. The Season Pass came with a price tag of $50. However, for those who are not in possession of the Season Pass can purchase the expansion pack for a price of $15.