Season 11 Spoilers for Criminal Minds, Actor Shemar Moore Talks about Gay Rumors on Instagram!

Criminal Minds further teased that Morgan will be tortured in the episode and Moore excessively promoted the highly anticipated release, named ‘Derek’ on his official Instagram account. A behind-the-scenes picture was posted by him, showing him slouched on the ground with blood on his hands. The exclusive photo was captioned, ‘Derek Morgan is DOWN!!!!’

Morgan shared several promo images in the week leading up to episode 16. On each of them, he wrote that the episode Derek is a must watch. Fans further commented that the suspense was eating at them and they were genuinely worried about what was going to happen to Morgan next.

During torture, Derek’s mind took a darker turn and started to remember the day when his dad was fatally shot. Hank was played by none other than veteran actor Danny Glover. Derek’s mind further continued down this dark tunnel of memories and viewers further witnessed a 15-year old Derek abused by a pedophile before he is thankfully rescued.

Everyone thought that Derek was going to be okay but on his way to the hospital, Derek almost dies again. When he begins to flat-line in the ambulance, his father again appears on his mind and urges his son to stay alive. Derek later wakes up 3 days later.  Derek finally realizes that Savannah was trying to her that she was pregnant, during last week’s episode.

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