Destiny to Receive Updated Content in The Future, Players with Slow Internet Connection Might Be Banned from The Game, And More

Various reports state that the roots of this bug lies within a perk that is found on the King’s Fall raid. The perk is question is the Cocoon perk. As stated above, the developers have decided to put the Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris events on hold for the moment. However, they are yet to come forward with an announcement stating when these events will return to the game.

Developers of the game have been constantly trying to improve the gaming experience of Destiny in the Crucible. Apparently, they are trying to remove any lag in the Crucible by tracking down players with slow internet connections and warning them.

It was reported that a particular fan of the game had received a message which stated that his internet connection was not suitable for playing the game. It was also mentioned that if the speed of the connection did not improve in the future, that player might face a ban from all types of activities in the Crucible.

On a previous instance Bungie had introduced a system called Damage Referee to improve the PVP experience. However, it seems like the developers are currently doing everything in their power to bring about an overhaul in the online experience of fans. It should be mentioned here that if a player is banned from the Crucible, he or she will be able to play the story missions, and do raids and strikes too.

Stay tuned for more update on Destiny.