Upcoming Phablet Flagship from Samsung to be Named Galaxy Note 7 Instead of Note 6, Reports Indicate the Presence of the Iris-Scanner, And More

A new report has emerged from South Korea claiming that the upcoming flagship phablet from Samsung will not be called Galaxy Note 6 like everyone expected. Instead, Samsung will skip the 6 moniker and name the device Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has decided to do this in order to maintain a level of consistency.

The company probably wants all the flagships released in one year, to come under the same moniker. As a result, if this turns out to be the final decision, the 2016 flagship devices from Samsung will be the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy Note 7. Furthermore, this will clear any doubts of customers thinking that the ‘6’ might denote an older variant, model or version.

Moreover, this will allow Samsung’s products to directly compete with those of Apple’s. Apple will release the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus later this year and Samsung wants to make sure that all their flagships have entered the 7th generation as well.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 6 has been rumored to come with a dual-edge screen. As a result, we won’t be seeing a Galaxy S7 Edge+ releasing with this device. It happened last year with the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Note 5.

Moreover, the Note 7 will have a curved glass located on its back, similar to its predecessor. According to the latest reports, Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 7 sometime during mid or early August.

Meanwhile, latest reports suggest that the upcoming Note phablet from Samsung will sport an iris scanner. According to Dutch Blog Galaxy Club, it has been given away by the trademark applications from Samsung. In Europe, the company has filed for patents with the names, Samsung Eyeprint and Samsung Iris.

This probably confirms the fact that the next-generation flagships from Samsung will feature iris scanning technology. Tech Times further suggested that iris scanning will soon get rid of any fingerprint scanning technologies.

In order to make it more secure, they will be used for unlocking devices and making payments. The Note 7 will be a powerful hardware-driven device and latest rumors indicate that it will come with 5.8inch OLED display, Snapdragon 823 chipset, and 6GB of RAM. In terms of design, it is expected that the Note 7 will be metallic.

The device will be like an up-scaled version of the Galaxy S7 and will incorporate the use of a stylus. ‘Gotta Be Mobile’ reported that Note 6 will release with a familiar design. The device will sport an aluminum chassis, featuring  additional durability. The device will be thinner with a much less camera protrusion.

In the meantime, Times reported that there will be a single variant of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It will feature Samsung’s popular dual-curved edge AMOLED display.

If this comes true, this will be the first time that the company uses a curved edge device as its primary flagship phone instead of releasing another device alongside it.

With the reported name change, this is not really unprecedented in the mobile industry. The same maneuver was seen with Huawei’s Mate and P series handsets. This made them properly line up against each other and at the same time, they appeared more generationally advanced.

A recent report from Sammobile revealed that Samsung will introduce a new productivity feature in the upcoming Galaxy Note 7. This new feature, known as Samsung Focus will be like BlackBerry Hub, which was seen in some of the devices released by this Canadian manufacturer.