Lombardo Hints at True Detective Season 3, Hollywood A-Listers Not Interested in the Upcoming Season, And More

There is good news for the fans of True Detective. There was a dark cloud over the prospect of it being renewed for a third season, but then it looks like things are moving in the positive direction. Movie News Guide has reported that there are strong signs indicating that the show will be renewed for a third season.

The first season of True Detective was so popular that it got a cult status during the run. The creator, Nic Pizzolatto became a household name and HBO rode high on the success of the series. HBO didn’t think twice before renewing the series for a second season being fully aware that a show like True Detective will surely need to continue for a long time.

However, HBO got a shock when the viewers and the critics trashed True Detective Season 2. The general opinion was that the show didn’t have the same charm and spunk like the first one. The viewers complained that True Detective Season 2 lacked the content and the quality that won the hearts of the viewers in the first season.

Even though the rating enjoyed by the show was good by the standard of other successful series on the channel and others, the network knew that True Detective was capable of better. This caused them to be in two minds about going ahead with their plans for True Detective Season 3.

HBO had been completely mum about the prospect of Season 3. They haven’t disclosed anything as of now and the fans of the show are itching to know if True Detective Season 3 is on the cards.

The general sentiment was that HBO was rather shocked at the backlash that the second season of True Detective received and they want to look into everything before they decide to go ahead with Season 3.

The Ecumenical News has reported that HBO’s President of Programming, Michael Lombardo, has spoken up about True Detective Season 3. He said that he knows that a series like True Detective requires a lot of attention and care to create and he accepted that the network was at fault for the failure of the second season of True Detective.

Lombardo accepted that he had behaved like a typical network boss and had pushed Nic Pizzolatto to complete the work on True Detective Season 2 to meet a certain deadline. He didn’t care that the series of such a stature requires a specific time period and that pushing the creator to complete his work would only hamper the creative process.

With Lombardo accepting his mistake and explaining that the second season of True Detective was unsuccessful because it was half baked, fans can be rest assured that HBO will be working on True Detective Season 3.

Lombardo agreed that the network has failed since their demand to rush the whole process had caused the quality to be hampered. It wasn’t Nic Pizzolatto’s fault as some had presumed it to be.

There were rumors that True Detective Season 3 might be back, but without Nic Pizzolatto in the helm of things. It was said that he will still be the creator of the series, but will not be the showrunner of the popular show and there were talks that he might even get writers to pen things for him.

However, the fans of the show have been assured that even if Nic Pizzolatto isn’t the showrunner of True Detective Season 3, he will be at the helm of things and will still be the creator of the popular series.