Selena Gomez Thinks Justin Bieber Needs To Relax, Hailey Baldwin Denies Feuds between Her and Selena, And More

Justin Bieber seems to have taken things quite far and Selena Gomez certainly thinks so. After his strange BBMA rant on Instagram, Selena Gomez is concerned that Justin is pushing himself too far. The 22 year old singer recently posted a long message on Instagram and blasted the awards show for its lack of authenticity.

According to most people, Justin was simply letting go off some hot air but according to Selena, he is pushing himself too far. Selena doesn’t really know what happened to Justin during the music awards but she sure is concerned. An insider told that Selena likes the fact that he is enjoying a little break right now.

She got worried about the possibility that Justin Bieber was pushing himself too far. Thankfully, Bieber can take some off-time to focus on himself and get refreshed. Well, thankfully, he has so many Beleibers and of course, Selena on his side.

Therefore, it seems like the whole world is rooting for him.He has been featured on one of the most grueling world track tours and this could have resulted in a burnout, which is not really surprising.

The last time they communicated, Justin seemed fine but Selena is worried about him. At the same time, she’s not really angry with him. Instead, he feels for him and hopes that he is surrounded by friends who are supportive.

In the past, Justin Bieber hasn’t been involved with a great group of friends. Most of us remember the peeing in the mop bucket incident. Therefore, it seems like he has some better influences around him, at the moment. Life is tough for a pop star, no matter how glamorous it looks from outside. All that fame and popularity can be a major problem

At the same time, he has become focused due to a feud between his two on-and-off girlfriends, Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez. According to US Weekly, Hailey came forward and said that there is no feud. The 19-year old revealed that she is aware of rumors suggesting that she and 23-year old Selena Gomez are currently battling over Bieber.

Selena is presently on her Revival Tour. She thinks that it is horrible for people to start things like that and there’s nothing true about it. In fact, Hailey declared that Selena is a lovely girl and they have a lot of mutual friends.

On top of that, they run in the same circles. According to the latest speculations, Gomez was reported to be upset with Baldwin because of her relationship with Justin Bieber. Hailey began dating Justin in January and since then, they have maintained a hot-and-cold relationship.

However, Bieber recently declared that Baldwin is someone she really loves and he has even thought of marrying her.He acknowledged the fact that in the past, he had said things and hurt people.

Currently, he is just looking into the future and making sure that he isn’t damaging anybody. Hailey could be girl that Justin marries.

He doesn’t want to rush into anything as he could damage her. If she damages her once, it will always remain damaged. He simply doesn’t want to hurt her.

In other news, it seems like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have become the Hollywood equivalent of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. Dean and Monroe captured the imagination of the movie-going world a long-time ago.