Rihanna Enthralls Her Audience with ‘Love on the Brain’, Chris Brown Still Thinks He Will Marry Rihanna, And More

People are used to seeing an enthusiastic Rihanna keep dancing on stage or star as badass gangster in her music videos. However, she introduced an entirely different side of her, during Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night.

Fans witnessed an entirely different side of her character. The Barbadian singer was certainly at her most vulnerable. Wearing a green fur stole, RiRi took the stage and delivered one of her most emotional and powerful performances ever, with the Love on the Brain ballad from her album Anti.

Besides the crowd-winning song, the fans who voted for her in order to win Billboard Chart Achievement Award were immensely pleased. She further thanked her fans and also her supporters. She thanked the people who are inspired by her music and the work and art that she keeps doing and making.

You can check out her emotional rendition on the ballad (Love on the Brain) here. Rihanna fans have seen her delivering many powerful performances in the past and not just on the stage either. Fans were pretty excited to see her in Battleship.

Her music videos were always incredible and people simply love Rihanna and her many performances. You can expect her to deliver more such electrifying performances in the future.

In the meantime, HollywoodLife.com came to know that Chris Brownisn’t worried about Drake’s proposal to Rihanna. He still thinks that Rihanna would be the perfect wife material for him. The 27-year old Brown still has his eyes set on her infamous-ex Rihanna. Rihanna, aged 28 has been rumored to be back with Drake, 29, who is one of her past love interests.

According to HollywoodLife.com, Brown is still hopeful that they will end up happily ever after. Chris thought that Rihanna looked quite stunning at the BBMAs but the ring lodged in her finger, was a major showstopper.

Meanwhile,insider source revealed that Chris found the ring quite classy and elegant and thought that she looked extremely majestic in the way she carried herself. The crowd witnessed an amazingly beautiful performance with her Love on the Brain ballad from Anti.

From the sound of it, it seemed like he already knew about the ring and decided to willingly comment on it. According to a source close to Chris, the latter explained that Rihanna is perfect wife material and someday, she will be married with the man of her dreams.

The insider further revealed that it could be Chris too. Is it possible that Rihanna and Chris could be united with a wedding?! The source further said that no one has ever loved him or made him feel special or even forgiven him past mistakes in the way Rihanna has. At the same time, reality’s a bi%^# and she seems pretty interested on Drake at the moment.

Rihanna and Ciara have faced a lot of drama in the past. For instance, you all remember their Twitter fight which took place five years ago. At that time, Rihanna was called ‘nuts’ by Ciara. In conclusion, the two singers are definitely not BFF material.

However, it doesn’t mean that Ciara will allow anyone to bring that up on her big night while being the co-host of Billboard Music Awards. MTV actually tried to stoke the feud up on social media. The entire thing was shut down pretty fast by Ciara.

The tweet has been deleted now but the network wrote acknowledging Luda that Ciara won’t be saying Rihanna’s name. The ‘I Bet’ singer reacted to it and slammed anyone responsible for issuing that tweet.