Rihanna Enthralls Her Audience with ‘Love on the Brain’, Chris Brown Still Thinks He Will Marry Rihanna, And More

Ciara wrote that she thought Rihanna was amazing and according to her, she was one of the top performers in the evening. She wanted to know about the newbie behind MTVMusic’s Twitter. She declared that no one with even the slightest experience should have posted a tweet like that, especially during an event of this caliber.

According to Elite Daily, Rihanna is more than just a person; she is actually a state of mind and her state of mind is always being badass! Rihanna is a female celebrity who can literally wear anything and pull it off successfully.

With her choice on wearing whatever she wants, Rihanna helps empower her women followers. She can appear outlandish or controversial or unpopular but keep in mind that she is willing to take those fashion risks and emerge successfully as well. Rihanna can mix n match super soft pieces with athletic and casual pieces.

Rihanna’s trademark is the sporty chic. Clearly, she isn’t afraid of taking fashion risks and keeps pushing her fashion boundaries. Rihanna has an enviable confidence and her style game is simply FIRE. However, even without her high-fashion budget, it is possible to re-create Rihanna’s looks effortlessly.

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