Criminal Minds Season 12 Spoilers Revealed, Adam Rodriguez to Join the Cast of the Show, Massive Manhunt On the Cards!

The Beyond Borders’ team which is spearheaded by Jack Garrett might be seen coming in to assist the Behavioral Analysis Unit in tracking down the escaped fugitives. It was reported that profiling details will be used by the BAU in their mission to hunt down the escaped criminals.

Fans will also be seeing the introduction of a new unlawful into the show in the oncoming season. A serialized storytelling setup will be used by the showrunners for the season and the criminals from the past will gradually be hunted down by the agents. Fans can expect to witness a massive manhunt from the 12th season of Criminal Minds.

Erica had also revealed that fans will be familiar with most of the UnSubs that will be featured in the show in the next season. Amongst them is Mr. Scratch who is often dubbed as one of the worst enemies of the BAU.

He is extremely manipulative in nature and was once able to make Hotch believe that he had killed Morgan, Reid, and Rossi. He also tried to make Hotch shoot them. However, Hotch was able to stop that from happening. It will be quite interesting to see as to what storylines have been planned for this character in the next season.

The show will return to CBS during the latter half of the ongoing year.

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