Criminal Minds Season 11: UnSubs Tries to Make Man Immortal, Garcia Moved to A Safe House!

According to Carter Matt, Cat will point a gun at Reid and will place challenges before him that he will have to solve. Reid will be asked to walk away from the restaurant without alarming the guests at the place.

Cat will force Reid to take part in a series of tests that might harm not just Reid, but the other guests at the restaurant. There is going to be the war of the wits between Reid and Cat and this is sure to be one of the high points of Season 11 when it returns next year.

Aubrey Plaza is known for her comic roles and it is interesting to see her in a role that is so different from the other roles that she plays. Park and Recreation is the series where she is a regular and unlike the role she portrays there, her role in Criminal Minds Season 11 is one steeped in drama.

CBS has not come out with any new information on the midseason premiere of Criminal Minds Season 11. For the latest news from the series visit the page.

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