Tweaks, Changes and Improvements with the Latest FIFA 16 Update, Ultimate Team Guide for Starters!

FIFA 16 is one of the best football simulation titles launched this year, by Electronic Arts. This clearly means that the developers at EA Sports are continually working on new updates for this world-famous football simulation title.

The community has been offering a lot of feedback over the past few weeks and they are all being considered by EA developers. During an official update, the two companies further explained that a new update is now available for the PC version.

Once the changes go through the certification process, the update will be launched on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but an ETA is yet to be offered. It was further explained by EA Sports that gamers are very clear about the elements they wish to see improved in FIFA 16.

These include player positioning, passing, defensive pressure and the method in which referees deal with fouls and penalties. The update has been mainly designed to deal with some of the issues that are being faced by gamers.

The studio decided to mention some of the high-level effects that will be seen by FIFA players during a match. However, be sure that all the changes and improvements introduced with this update will not be enough to satisfy all the demands made by the FIFA gaming community.

In order to keep the entire fan base satisfied and engaged, EA will need to rollout another update in the near future. According to EA, slight changes have been made to the Chemistry, which is one of the core values for the Ultimate Team Mode.

With it, player attributes are boosted when it comes to passes, long shots and interceptions. Meanwhile, most of the major championships are heading towards a winter break. As a result, the transfer window will be opened in January, all across Europe.

With the help of this, clubs will be allowed to receive players through which their performance can be improved during the second half of the season. In order to keep the rosters accurate, EA will need to deliver a major update to the game as soon as this month ends.

As a result, EA Sports will need to track all the personnel modifications in order to successfully deliver this update. Furthermore, in order to keep the community refreshed and interested, EA Sports will probably launch more special tournaments through the Ultimate Team Mode. The Draft Experience which was newly introduced is best suited for such competitions. The various FIFA 16 update changes are:-

  • Proper address of penalty decisions and better referee decisions through improvements to the Rules and Physics of the game.
  • Various instances when there was no auto-tackle even when positioned properly.
  • Positioning System Improvements in order to allow better support and attacking runs.
  • Balancing high-pressure situations through Behavioral changes in Interceptions and Secondary Contain.
  • There are also improvements in how rapidly the fatigue effects take place in players making use of Aggressive Interceptions and Secondary Contain. As the game progresses, this will result in an impact on the player’s ability to deliver high pressure.

Meanwhile, the Ultimate Team Mode in FIFA 16 is really popular but very difficult to start at the beginning. However, you can put together a decent team within a matter of hours if you are patient and get a few wins.

The mode kicks off with one or two decent players along with a few bronze cards. The higher stat players will definitely be your starters since there’s nothing else. The bronze players feature low stats but some of them tend to excel in pace and defending. You will also receive a manager, contracts and a few other cards in your first team.