Criminal Minds Season 11: UnSubs Tries to Make Man Immortal, Garcia Moved to A Safe House!

Criminal Minds Season 11 is on its midseason hiatus. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from trying to speculate about what has happened on the show and what will happen when the experts from FBI’s Behavioral Analyst Unit returns.

The midseason finale of Criminal Minds Season 11 ended with Hotch (Thomas Gibson) taking Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) away to a safe house.

Garcia had been getting death threats from a group called The Dirty Dozen and the BAU doesn’t want to take any chances with the safety of their IT expert.

Garcia had been kept in seclusion at the FBI office in Quantico, but Hotch and the team doesn’t think that it’s safe enough for her.

Hotch hinted in the finale that the FBI have got some hint on who The Dirty Dozen are and they might be hot on their pursuit.

Fans hope that the group is nabbed soon since they miss seeing the cheerful Garcia. She is getting more and more depressed every day that she has to stay under witness protection.

Criminal Minds is one series that has enjoyed a huge fan base since the very first season and the support that they have shown the show has given it enough confidence to not back down from certain gory detailing.

The season finale of Criminal Minds Season 11 saw the BAU fighting to find an UnSub who believed that he could achieve immortality. This desire to look for immortality was triggered by a childhood episode where he met an old man who scared by the way he look.

The old man said that irrespective of what he thought of him, the little boy is bound to become like him one day. This incident scared the UnSub to such a great extent that he committed his life to studying medicine and trying to find out if there is any way that the human body can be made immortal.

In the episode Future Perfect, the BAU will have to race against time to capture Robert, a medical practitioner who believes that the human body can be rendered immortal if it is filled with the DNA of other animals.

In order to carry out his procedure, the UnSub killed an unsuspecting young woman and drained her blood to fill it in the body of an old man with Parkinson’s.

When this doesn’t lead to the old man living, the UnSub starts looking for other victims who can provide him a body and blood to carry out the experiment.

Garcia, on the other hand, finds out a club for mad scientists where they meet up every week in the cemetery to discuss wild experiments that might cure life threatening diseases.

The team reaches the UnSub’s address right when he is in the middle of transfusing a new victim’s blood into another patient and they nab him red handed. With the case solved, the episode focuses on Garcia pining to go home. She is tired of being in witness protection and is sure that she will never be able to get out of it.

Criminal Minds Season 11 had already started with the anticipation that it will see Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) starting a new relationship. He had gone into a shell after the death of his fiancée and it was high time that the character was given something to look forward to.

Dr. Reid is going to go out on a very special date with Cat Adams (Aubrey Plaza), but the date isn’t going to turn out to be anything that he had imagined. Reid’s idea of Cat will be shattered with happens at the date.