Criminal Minds Season 10: Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Leaving? Kate Nabbed By Online Auctioneers, And More News!

Kate had trained Meg on how to deal with these people and she devises a plan to help Markayla escape. She runs and is taken in by a woman and ultimately is reunited by her mother in the hospital.

The UnSubs might have been thorough and had wiped out all the data from the girls’ computers, but Kate had already seen the photo of “Bobby” and she knows who was behind the whole racket.

Kate knows that they have taken Meg and Markayla because he was getting closer to them and she starts blaming herself. Meg is auctioned off for $29,000 to a man who is set to torture and eventually kill her.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s real-life pregnancy was written into the show. The actor is due to give birth to her second child in July and she is likely to take a break for a year to be a hands-on mom. However, Messer has confirmed that there aren’t going to be any deaths and thus the star cast in the next season is going to be the same as the one seen in the Criminal Minds Season 10.

Criminal Minds Season 10 has again done what they are always expected to do. The writers of the series Janine Sherman Barrois and Jim Clemente has again done a great job.