Abigail Spencer: Excited About Rectify, Moved On After The Video Scandal, New Role Wins Critics’ Approval, And More News

Abigail Spencer might not be the lead for the new drama series ‘True Detective’, but that doesn’t stop her from being excited about being a part of this television series.

The HBO series ‘True Detective’ is starting with its second season on 21st June. Abigail Spencer disclosed the news for the first time in her Instagram account, when she shared a poster of True Detectives, starring Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn and Taylor Kitsch.

Abigail captioned the post, encouraging the fans to watch the HBO series starring Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams and added that she is thrilled to be part of such a great tv series.

Apart from her Instagram account, Abigail Spencer shared the news on her Twitter account as well. She added @TrueDetective @hbo #TD2 and #June21 while writing the post.

Abigail Spencer had made quite a mark with her role in Rectify. She also made it public on the social networks that Rectify was coming to the Sundance Channel with its Season 3. It is evident that Abigail Spencer is very excited about being a part of this series and truly enjoys essaying the southern gothic intonation that her character calls for.

She regularly shares updates and photos and insights about the shooting of Rectify and keep the fans updated about the production process of the series. Abigail Spencer updated a photo of the cast members of Rectify on Twitter recently. Her photos and posts are a great way for the fans of the series to keep abreast with what is happening.

Rectify has a huge fan-base and her 28,000 strong followers have given the series a good boost. Despite sharing all he insights about the Rectify, Abigail hasn’t disclosed any particular date when the series will finally be aired on the Sundance Channel.

Abigail Spencer has come a long way since her nude scandal. Last year her nude photos had gotten viral during what the media loves to call ‘The Fappenings.” A lot of top actors like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston found their photos and videos going viral.