Criminal Minds Season 10: Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Leaving? Kate Nabbed By Online Auctioneers, And More News!

Jennifer Love Hewitt is on her way to leave Criminal Minds after being on the show for a year. The news was confirmed by Erica Messer, the show runner.

Entertainment Weekly was the first to reveal the news of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s departure after Criminal Minds Season 10 wraps up. The finale of the tenth season of Criminal Minds shows Love Hewitt’s Kate Callahan, giving in her resignation.

According to the plot, Callahan hands over the resignation after hearing about a tragedy related to her niece Meg, who was very close to her. She says that she needs time off, so she can get over the tragedy and focus on her unborn child.

Criminal Minds Season 10 had begun with an online auction that sold girls to creeps everywhere and the season ended with the FBI nabbing not just those who were running the auctioning site, but also those who bought from them.

Kate’s personal life has been taking a chunk of the season’s episodes and viewers didn’t approve Meg, but the last episode titled The Hunt, changes everything. The episode picked off from where The Protection, episode 9 left.

Meg realises that something’s amiss about Paige and when she tries to get off the car, Paige locks her in and a guy sedates the girls from the backseat while Meg tries to desperately send Kate the panic code.

Kate receives “Pepp” from Meg and that’s enough for her to understand that there is a major problem at hand because “Pepper” was their decided code for when someone’s life is in danger.

Garcia picks up a footage of the girls getting into a car from near the library and the time line puts the text message, just a mere two minutes later. Kate and her friend Markayla are kidnapped by the creeps who pretend to be teenage boys and sell innocent girls to serial killers.