Criminal Minds Season 10 Deals in Politics, Hewitt’s Real-Life Pregnancy Included!

Series regular Jennifer Love Hewitt will have her real-life pregnancy incorporated in the series. She has been acting up lately and it is finally revealed that her character Kate is pregnant. Kate’s niece, Meg started getting rebellious when she realises the Kate and Chris have decided to keep the baby. Meg tries to pierce her belly button and when confronted by Kate asks to be left alone. Kate has to assure the girl that the coming baby will in no way affect their relationship; she will still be as special to her as she is now.

The creative team of Criminal Minds Season 10 are aware of the buzz surrounding the season ending and they are making the fans wait and building up the drama. The week’s screening of Criminal Minds Season 10 has been put off. The channel has decided to air 2 hours of Survivors in its place.

Criminal Minds has always delivered to its fans’ expectations and with the whole buzz surrounding ‘Rock Creek Park’ fans are expecting something better than what they have always seen in the popular series.

The coming is episode is going to be aired on 25th March.