Vikings Season 3: Harvard and Floki Set To Create Trouble for Ragnar and the Vikings!

With more drama, intrigue and battles, History Channel’s hit series Viking Season 3 promises more in the coming episodes. The last episode titled ‘Scarred’ dealt with Siggy’s (Jessalyn Gilsig) tragic death. The title was befitting as it left the viewers scarred and moved after Siggy’s death and prior encounter with Harvard (Kevin Durand).

The viewers have a lot of questions and doubts swirling in their minds after the last episode and are desperately hoping they are answered soon.

The official synopsis of the next episode ‘The Usurper’, states that after Siggy’s death, the fleet will return to Kattegat to discover terrible things. The synopsis has raised a lot of speculations in the minds of the fans. What could possibly have gone wrong for Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Viking earldom to be shocked in this manner?

Ragnar has a handful with problems in his earldom while his own family life has hit rock bottom. His marriage with Aslaug’s (Alyssa Sutherland) has completely gone bad. Aslaug has fallen in love with Harvard, the Wanderer. She makes things worse when she jeopardises the lives of her sons with Ragnar, by letting them be alone with Harvard. The kids would have died by slipping on ice, if it hadn’t been for Siggy, who dies in the process.

There was a rumour about a possibility of marital trouble between Ragnar and Aslaug following a Q and A session with Rimmel. The actor had said that his character, Ragnar, is all about love. He loved his ex-wife, and he loves his current wife as well, but they don’t end up loving him. He even said that Ragnar will love his next wife too, but she will again hate him. This opens the door to the speculation that Ragnar might be married again, following the illicit relationship between Harvard and Aslaug.

One of the most important plot line that is yet to be dealt with is the reason for Ragnar striking an alliance with the Christians. This issue will be brought up by the cunning Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard). The renowned boat maker of Kattegat, as well the close friend of the King is not at all pleased with the way the Vikings have set an alliance with King Ecbert (Linus Roache).