Criminal Minds Season 10 Deals in Politics, Hewitt’s Real-Life Pregnancy Included!

Criminal Minds Season 10 will be skipping a week, which means that fans will have to wait for an entire week before finding how the Behavioural Analysis Unit deals with the politics of the congressman’s missing wife. Be ready for some top notch drama in the coming episodes of the popular series.

The last episode of the CBS drama derived inspiration from the popular book called Fifty Shades of Grey. The episode titled, ‘Breath Play’ showed how the BAU were on a hunt to catch a killer who lured girls by making them believe that he would satisfy their erotic fantasies.

When the BAU nabbed the serial killer they realised that he was a suburban husband and father , who believed that he could fulfil the fantasies of the victims based on the best-selling book ‘Bare Reflections’. He got off on choking the girls to death.

With the next episode of ‘Rock Creek Park,’ there’s a report that the CBS show is planning on providing the viewers with some serious thrills and chills. The episode will deal with politics and its seedy underbelly. The wife of a congressman suddenly goes missing without any trace. With the BAU investigating the congressman’s opponents, things will get a little nasty. It’s up to our experts to find her out before she ends up dead since their department’s reputation is on the hold.

The noted Oscar-nominated actress Tess Harper has been roped in for the upcoming episode of Criminal Minds Season 10. She is well known by her stellar performance in Crimes of the Heart. 64-year old Harper is going to play the role of Dina Troy, mother of the congressman, whose wife is missing.

With Dina Troy’s role being given to such a celebrated actress, it is expected that the executive producers have decided on a pretty awesome season ending. There are reports that Marc Vann from CSI is likely to come back to reprise his guest role as the FBI agent under the Organised Crime Division and will be collaborating with the BAU for their big political case.