Vikings Season 3: Harvard and Floki Set To Create Trouble for Ragnar and the Vikings!

 Floki hasn’t forgotten how many of their countrymen were killed in the battle, and he becomes furious upon realising that Athelstan (George Blagden) has a hand in ensuring this Viking-Anglo-Saxon liaison.

Rollo (Clive Standen) talks to Ragnar about this decision of his and states how Floki feels that he has betrayed their gods by serving a Christian king and Ragnar curtly replies that he never had time for gods, he does what he thinks is best for his people and will continue doing so.

Lately, the episodes in Vikings Season 3 have been character driven. They helped the viewers get to know the inner workings for the characters, and this just creates the basis for the subsequent bloodshed and drama that will unfold.

The viewers have always been wary about Floki and his intentions. His anti-Christian, anti-Ragnar attitude might brew some major trouble for the Vikings. We have already seen him act as a double agent with King Horik, and he might again cause trouble for Ragnar and his earldom.