Cover For Comic Series Revealed, Steven Universe Season 2 Leaked Video Shows Lapis Lazuli Saving Peridot!

Lapis Lazuli had been saved by Steven and ever since then she has becoming caring when it comes to him. There are rumors suggesting that Crystal Gem might have new members in the form of Lapis Lazuli and Peridot.

The second video is called Super Watermelon Island and is going to show what is going to happen with Watermelon Stevens. Fans had seen in the first season of Steven Universe that Steven ends up creating Watermelon Stevens when he disposes off the seeds of the watermelon with his saliva on it. The video also shows that old characters like Alexandrite, Malachite is also going to be back for the upcoming season.

Steven Universe Season 2 is going to deal with how the Diamond Authority has come to take control of the gems. The gems are supposed to have special powers as well as negative qualities.

However, Yellow Diamond feels that her diamonds are flawless and this is going to make things bad for her. Yellow Diamond is a worse to be reckoned with, but with her best warrior joining the Crystal Gems there are chances that she is going to have things easy.

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