Cover For Comic Series Revealed, Steven Universe Season 2 Leaked Video Shows Lapis Lazuli Saving Peridot!

Cartoon Network might not be forthcoming about Steven Universe Season 2, but Boom! Studios have been making sure that the fans are happy. They have recently unveiled the cover for Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1. The publisher not only revealed the cover for the new comic series, but used the WonderCon 2016 that is being held in Los Angeles Convention Center to reveal three of them.

According to Vine Report, Boom! Studios also enabled the fans to get a chance to get their own comic of the comics signed by the artists who have helped create the world of Steven Universe.

The fans of Steven Universe had another treat for themselves. WonderCon 2016 had also organized special panel discussions with the creators, which gave the fans an insight on what they can expect from the franchise in the future.

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1 was released on March 16th and is being termed as a very early Halloween special. The story shows Steven and the Crystal Gems out on the beach. They are sharing ghost stories.

Steven shares scary stories with the Gems, but when it is their turn, Steven gets so scared about a particular villain who changes Gems into glass that they have make him understand that these are not true.

With the poster for Steven Universe Season 2 out, fans can be a little more relaxed about the upcoming season. Cartoon Network has been completely mum about the whole affair and fans are thankful that Boom! Studio has given them a chance to hold on to something until the show comes out again.

Steven Universe went on a hiatus in January and there are 26 more episodes to go before the season wraps up. Fans had initially thought that the show has gone a midseason hiatus and will be back after a month or two.

The general sentiment was that the show is going to be back on the network around March-April, but with March already over and April on its way, there is still no news about Steven Universe Season 2.

The last few episodes of Steven Universe showed Peridot being ousted from the Cluster since she had dared to stand up and ask Yellow Diamond why she hates Earth. Peridot might be the best fighter that Yellow Diamond has, but her hatred for Earth surpasses all and she doesn’t think twice before sending Peridot away.

Christin Daily reported that Yellow Diamond will be sent to Earth by the Diamond Authority to try and stop Steven and the Crystal Gems from trying to destroy the cluster. Yellow Diamond already hates Earth and when she will find out that Peridot has joined the Crystal Gems, she will become adamant to destroy them.

These reports haven’t been confirmed by Cartoon Network and they are merely fan speculations. However, there are two leaked videos from Steven Universe Season 2 that reveal some hints on what can be expected from the series when it comes back.

One of the leaked videos is called Barn Mates and it shows Peridot running away from the roaming eye of Yellow Diamond. She looks like she is in trouble, but Lapis Lazuli steps in at the right time and destroys the roaming eye with her magical power.

Periodot and Lapis Lazuli do not get along very well. However, when the latter saves her, Peridot gives her a gift. Lapis Lazuli somehow ends up breaking it and things get a little tense, but Steven interferes and cools things down. Peridot and Lapis Lazuli work together since they love their common friend Steven.