Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to Borrow Lots of Features from the Galaxy S7, Device Expected to Release Early!

The Galaxy S7 line up has already been launched and Samsung is now looking forward to their next top-tier Samsung iteration. There are no official details yet but there are already a lot of speculations regarding the latest Galaxy Note 6. Various rumors suggest that the Galaxy Note 6 will borrow a lot of features from Galaxy S7.

ValueWalk further stated that according to observers, the upcoming Galaxy Note will be quite powerful with Samsung’s Homegrown Exynos processor. It will be released in some markets which feature a Snapdragon chipset and possibly the Snapdragon 820 processor. In terms of chipsets, the Galaxy S7 has the same setup.

The Galaxy Note 6 will probably come with a regular screen, an Edge screen version as well as a base model variant. Samsung used this two-setup model for the Galaxy S7 as well. It remains to be seen whether Edge+ models will be available for the Note 6 as well. Another feature that we will get to see on the Note 6 is expandable storage.

Samsung decided to bring back microSD expandable storage support in the Galaxy S7; therefore, it is natural to expect that they will be doing so with the Note 6 as well. If this turns out to be true, the Note 6 will have a massive storage.

According to recent speculations, the internal storage of the device should be around 256GB. According to some sources, the Galaxy Note 6 could appear sometime in the third quarter of 2016. The new Galaxy Note 6 will come out a lot earlier instead of appearing in a big event like the annual IFA in September. It will be released as early as August.

The latest reports suggest that the Note 6will have an earlier release date, which should be in July 2016, a month ahead of Galaxy Note 5 release last year.  If the forecast is correct, the sixth iteration of the Note series will again skip the IFA trade show this coming September. During the unboxing of the upcoming Note 6, Samsung is believed to release the following possible upgrades.

With S7 and the S7 Edge, Samsung has decided to limit the internal storage options to 32GB and 64GB. However, with the 128GB variant being absent, Samsung decided to bring back the microSD slot which can accommodate up to 200GB of extra storage.

All of this is yet to be confirmed but these upgrades will probably be a part of the upcoming Galaxy Note 6. A killer feature that should return with the Galaxy Note 6 is IP68 rating which means that the device will provide resistance against liquid and dust intrusion and this is probably a huge boost of the same feature that was last seen in Galaxy S5, back in 2014.

Galaxy S7 came with the same rating and therefore, the feature should be added in Note 6 as well. Samsung users will no longer have to worry about accidentally dunking their devices in water. Diagonally, the Galaxy S7 screen measures 5.5inches but reviewers loved the fact that the device is much easier to hold, compared to the latest iPhone 6S Plus.

According to leaked details, the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 will feature a big 5.8inch display but the supersized profile will be as big as the iPhone 6S Plus and no more. The Galaxy S7 downgraded its camera from 16 megapixels in its predecessor to 12 megapixels.

Now, the move cannot be called a downgrade since the camera comes with better features and much advanced hardware. It has a dual pixel system which ensures the capture or recording of highly quality images and clips. The device also features a superfast autofocus which eliminates the possibility of blurry features.