Countdown to Ragnar’s Death Begins in Vikings Season 4, Rollo Gives His All to Win Gisla, Floki Released After Athelstan’s Vision!

The official synopsis holds that King Aelle isn’t going to be happy with what he sees in Kattegat. In the episode titled Yol, King Aelle is going to be angry and is going to shout that he wants to kill Ragnar. Michael Hirst hasn’t made Aelle’s intention of killing Ragnar very clear; history too doesn’t talk anything about it.

All that the fans know is that King Aelle is going to throw Ragnar into a pit of venomous snakes. When Ragnar’s sons find out how their father had suffered in the hands of the English monarch, they will start a 14-year long attack on England.

Ragnar is already injured after the battle of Paris and Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) has headed out to the woods to prove his worth to his parents. It is likely that Bjorn is going to be back soon to take the lead from Ragnar.

Ragnar is struggling with the moral obligations of being a friend and a king with regard to Athelstan’s (George Blagden) murder by Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard). He has a vision of Athelstan asking him for mercy and he gets up from his coma and frees Floki from the cave where he was being held captive during the course of the trial.

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