Countdown to Ragnar’s Death Begins in Vikings Season 4, Rollo Gives His All to Win Gisla, Floki Released After Athelstan’s Vision!

Vikings Season 4 has already showed Rollo (Clive Standen) struggling with his new wife, Gisla (Morgane Polanski). Rollo had gotten a huge shock when he figured out that Gisla isn’t like the other girls he has previously been with and will do anything to make her stand very clear. Rollo has figured that in order to make his stand in the Parisian society he has to win over Gisla and he is going all out to do so.

Gisla isn’t very sure about Rollo’s interest and according to Design & Trend, in the upcoming episode of Vikings Season 4 she is going to ask Rollo how he could be trusted given the past history of the Vikings. Gisla has realized that Rollo had put in a lot of effort to learn the foreign language and change his barbaric appearance to suit the Frankish court, but she still isn’t sure of his intention.

Gisla clearly asks Rollo what’s more important to him, his marriage to Gisla, his appointment by Emperor Charles (Lothaire Bluteau) or his Vikings heritage.

Rollo has previously killed all the Vikings who had remained back in Paris to prove his loyalty to the Parisian court, but Gisla doesn’t feel that he did it from the heart. She feels that Rollo took the step to kill the Vikings because he had to prove something.

In order to prove his allegiance, Rollo takes off his Vikings arm ring and hands it over to Gisla. He states that the ring means a lot to him and it is very person and he isn’t going to keep it in his possession if that is what it takes to prove his loyalty.

According to Vikings culture, the arm rings are given to young Vikings children when they are 6-7 years of age and they pledge their allegiance to the earl. The arm ring is a badge of honor and dignity, which is what being a Viking is all about. With Rollo handing over the ring to Gisla so easily means that he is a man on a mission.

Rollo has forever remained the shadows of his popular and powerful brother Ragnar Lothbroke (Travis Fimmel) and when he was given the opportunity to stay back in Paris and improve his life and position out of the shadows of Ragnar, he decided to go for it.

There are a lot of speculation about what Rollo is planning for. There are some viewers who feel that Rollo is trying to win the favor of the French so that he can get the Vikings to come and attack them and finish the war once and for all.

On the other side there are others who feel that Rollo is gathering power so that he can march to Kattegat with the Parisian army and finish off the Vikings and become their ruler.

Gisla happy with the fact that she has been forced to marry the barbarian Rollo and Rollo realizes the importance of winning over the princess. With Gisla bringing in the papal delegation to initiate the divorce proceedings, Rollo will have to give his all to make sure that Gisla doesn’t go for the divorce since that will be doom for him.

Vikings Season 4 was meant to be the last for Ragnar and it seems like the countdown has started. History holds that King Aelle is responsible for the death of Ragnar and Master Herald has reported that Ivan Kaye is going to be back in the star-cast episode 10 to portray the role of King Aelle.