Cold Darkness Awakened DLC Released for Rise of the Tomb Raider, A Look at The Brand New Expansion Pack!

Since stealth is the key, the most likely weapon of choice for Lara is going to be the bow and arrow. It is deadly yet silent, which will ensure that Lara is able to take these creatures down without creating much noise.

The guns, including the Voidhammer Shotgun are usable too. However, these will draw a lot of attention with the noise and the ammo for these weapons will be quite scarce. Some of these creatures can use riot shields to block Lara’s blows. The best way to take down these type of enemies is a close-up stealth kill.

Lara’s final objective in this expansion pack will be to shut down a number of pistons by shooting at them. Sounds easy enough? Not really, as she will be attacked from all sides by the monstrous creatures while trying to do so.

One wave after another of the blood-thirsty creatures will make it quite challenging for the player to complete the final objective.

In other news, a brand new patch for the game has just been released for the PC version of the game which incorporates a support for DirectX 12 Graphics API into the game on Windows 10. It was revealed that the DirectX 12 support will bring an overall improvement to the graphical performance of the game.

Stay tuned for more update on Rise of the Tomb Raider.