Clash of Clans vs. Boom Beach: Compass Point Uses CoC Elements!

Supercell has developed two highly popular games, Boom Beach and Clash of Clans, loved by smartphone users all around the world. They are both action-packed strategy games and are similar in terms of game design and gameplay. However, these games have fundamental differences that give each of them an edge over the other in terms of their unique identity.

Clash of Clans is much better when you are considering the loots that can be earned. The collector will fill up over time, and the players have to tap them in order to acquire the loot. It is the simplest form of gameplay available. Boom Beach also includes the presence of collectors, but maximum resources can be earned from the various Resource Bases. You need to fight over them with another player, in order to gain superiority and control.

Clash of Clans incorporates a more flexible gameplay as players have the option to mix and match the different kinds of troops they wish to employ for a raid. Sadly, in Boom Beach, the troop transports can only hold one kind of unit. It highly limits the strategic option for players which is equally frustrating. The coolest feature available in COC is the presence of Clans. With a platform like that, you can work together with friends or recruit people from Global.

Few mobile games can feature such a co-operative gameplay option. The players can also donate troops to friends, which bolster the recipient’s defense, as well as troop strength during attacks. Meanwhile, the donator receives XP equivalent to the total housing capacity of the troops he sends.  Being a part of a clan is quite motivating, and players can discuss strategies in their private clan chat.

Meanwhile, in Clash of Clans the build times can be quite long, some as long as 5days in Town Hall 7 which is frustrating to a great degree unless you are using gems. In Boom Beach, build times are much shorter. The newer level buildings of level 1 take just a few seconds to build which is nothing compared to the weeks it can take for advanced upgrades in Clash of Clans. Moreover, you can earn diamonds much easily in Boom Beach. Hence, you can frequently boost your build times using them.

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  1. I like coc because it takes more strategy. In boom beach you can move ur troops and thats kinda lazy. Coc is more intence because it give you 30 seconds to build a unique strategy wheras in boom beach you can take all day to look at a guys base and figure out how to attack him. Coc is way better. Boom is boaring.

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