Eczema Triggers and How People Are Looking For Better Healthcare Options!

Ditching work because you are suffering from a rash might sound like a silly excuse. However, people who suffer from Eczema often spend a lot of time and money in order to manage the inflamed and itchy rashes that frequently occur. People have reported that they employ proactive measures in order to keep their skin calm, but flare-ups keep happening. In some cases, Eczema can be so severe that you’ll need to treat it immediately to get back to your daily routine.

At the same time, it’s quite difficult to hide the flare-ups and prevent a major embarrassment. Even makeups aren’t good enough to cover/disguise your skin condition. An estimate suggests that 10% people in the United States suffer from Eczema, which causes itchy, swollen and red skin, prone to allergies. However, studies disregard the ways in which Eczema can affect lives of suffering individuals. A Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine dermatologist stated that many of his patients were quite unsatisfied with their options and wanted to make sure why.

Dr. Jonathan Silverberg used information from the National Center of Health Statistics for a study published in JAMA Dermatology. Silverberg declared that a part of his job was to figure out why Eczema isn’t just skin deep. According to him, 2010 statistics suggests that Eczema victims spent an average of $371 out-of-pocket healthcare.

Silverberg revealed that it was above the usual average that people paid. Meanwhile, in 2012 the figure increased to $489. Silverberg is worried about the increase, especially while looking at the Affordable Care Act. It means that there’s a lot of patient burden of cost. According to him, the problem will keep getting worse.

Silverberg further revealed that people suffering from Eczema missed 68 million working days in 2012. People missed work due to a variety of reasons associated with Osteoporosis, Eczema, allergies, heart disease and asthma. Silverberg explained that people suffering from Eczema were most likely to miss six or more days of work each year. You need to understand the factors that are mainly responsible for triggering Eczema.