Austin Mahone and Becky G Dating Rumors, Austin Makes Cameo in Dazed and Confused

For a long time, there have been rumors involving a romantic development between Austin Mahone and Becky G.  Various pieces of evidence regarding their alleged romantic relationship are surfacing on the internet from time to time. As a result, fans of the duo now believe that there is something special developing between the two. Take a look at the various reasons that suggest the pop stars are dating each other.

Recently, Hollywood Life reported that Austin Mahone’s new track named ‘’Someone Like You’’ is dedicated to Becky. He posted a video clip on Instagram where the 18-year old was seen in a dimly lit studio, with candles all around, the ideal setting for a romantic vibe. His lyrics run, “Someone like you/Someone like you/ Cause you wrap me up with loving/ I can see us start to.”

According to reports from Latina, Mahone recently showcased his upcoming song collaboration with Becky G. The singer said that the outcome was quite nice and cool. They have been friends for a while and decided to do a song together and as a result it finally happened. Austin Mahone and Becky G hang out a lot. During Becky’s 18th Birthday, Mahone used Instagram in order to wish the ‘Can’t Stop Dancin’’ singer. The photo shows Becky seated atop a wooden wagon while Austin keeps wheeling her around.

Becky G posted many photos from her birthday and according to San Antonio Express News, one of them displayed a polaroid collage shot with great emphasis on the duo standing together and laughing. Hollywood Life further reported that the rumored couple was noticed having flirty audio sessions. They have been spotted several times, goofing off and spending a lot of time together.

Austin Mahone was even seen lifting her up on his shoulder, complete fireman style. According to an insider report, Austin always teases Becky but it’s quite obvious that he’s flirting with her. Reports from J-14 indicate that the duo went for a rollercoaster ride in Florida. They sat side-by-side, during the thrilling ride.