Cartoon HD Being Popularized Through Social Media, Jailbroken Apple Devices Cannot Access It!

Cartoon HD allows users to access a wide selection of movies from the Cartoon HD library and watch them on-the-go. It got removed from the Apple Store last year, but it can still be installed and played on all Apple IOS platform utilizing devices. However, there’s a catch. The Cartoon HD app cannot be installed or played on Apple devices that have been jailbroken. Earlier, Cartoon HD was a free application on both Google Play and App Store, before being taken down in an abrupt manner.

It mainly happened due to objections from film and TV production companies as their businesses were seriously threatened by this free movie and TV show application. Due to this, the Cartoon HD developers decided to make the application available on their website, as a standalone downloadable app for its mobile users.

However, it’s easy to understand that Cartoon HD wasn’t much of a success as a stand-alone downloadable content from a website. It enjoyed more popularity when it was an app on Google Play and Apple Store, especially in through ease of use and accessibility. As a result, Cartoon HD supporters decided to use social media in order to continue spreading the kind of services it was offering for mobile users.

The Cartoon HD keeps promoting the use of this app among traditional and new users with the help of Facebook and Twitter accounts. For now, it is heavily relying on social media in order to emphasize its importance to hordes of worldwide users. It was much easier for mobile users to utilize this app during its presence in the official online application stores.

However, if you look around the internet right now, it won’t be too hard to find sources hosted on websites, including one that is supposedly an ‘official continuation’ of the original application.  There are also app packages, ready to be deployed on mobile devices, which give users the opportunity to manually install it on their rooted devices.