Prometheus 2 Release Date, Plot Rumors and Possible Upcoming Rivalry with Alien Nation!

Reports indicate that there won’t be any Xenomorphs in the upcoming Prometheus 2 film. It is mainly because the movie is set on earth and will probably have titles like ‘Hell on Earth’. Let us take a look at the latest rumors, speculations and spoilers regarding this movie. According to the latest reports, Prometheus 2 will feature a setting on Earth. However, Prometheus was entirely set on a different planet with a huge space-orientation involved.

If the upcoming movie does take place on Earth, fans will need a little time to get used to it. Furthermore, the screenplay for Prometheus 2 is now complete, and filming is reported to start this year with Ridley Scott as the director. Earlier this year, Ridley Scott indicated the absence of Xenomorphs in the upcoming movie. However, he confirmed that Prometheus 2 will be the direct sequel of Prometheus but with a different villain.

During his interview with Screen Rant, Ridley Scott said that the concept starrs to wear out a little. There’s only a limited amount of snarling you can use in a movie franchise. With time, you have to bring out something new or lose the interest of highly-anticipating fans worldwide. Ridley Scott considered The Engineers to be a great start, and they have probably found the next best step.

As a result of this statement, the various news agencies are currently focusing on possible locations of the upcoming Prometheus 2 movie. According to Nimrod Antal, Director of the 2010 Predators movie revealed that the location is probably set in one of the home planets of Engineers, possibly Earth.

According to Moviepilot, Antal has reported that signals from Noomi’s spaceship will make Wayland sponsored military to go after it before it reaches earth.  Noomi’s character will probably die in the middle, and a woman hero might take her place. Fans might not get to see an Engineers planet until the third movie in this franchise, known as Paradise.