Transformers 5 Likely to be a Full CGI Movie with No Human Presence!

Reports indicate that the plans for an upcoming Transformers 5 sequel are in full-swing. Paramount Pictures are currently talking with noted screenwriter Akiva Goldsman in order to work with Director Michael Bay and producers Steven Spielberg and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura.

It seems like fans of the Transformer franchise will witness the fifth installment in the near future. Meanwhile, Goldsman, the screenwriter for ‘’A Beautiful Mind’’ along with others will be an overseer and supervisor of a team of writers, working on the plot and story line. According to reports from Deadline, Goldsman and his group of writers, will work on spin-offs and work on details for Transformers 5.

Meanwhile, Movie Critics are hoping that the producers can come up with new ideas for the plot of their next film. This is mainly because the predecessor, Age of Extinction failed to impress movie pundits. In spite of that, the movie was a major box-office hit in 2014. Right now, the movie circles are abundant with speculations on what Goldsman is writing for the next film. In the last movie, we saw Leader of Autobots, Optimus Prime leaving Earth for space, in search of The Creators.

Movie critics suggest that Transformers 5 could feature Optimus Prime’s journey across space. Rumors indicate the possible absence of human characters in this movie. However, this report comes as a contradiction with earlier reports that suggested the return of Mark Wahlberg for the next installment. In the meantime, if Michael Bay completely disregards human characters for the next franchise, we are sure to witness a complete CGI project with loads of transforming characters.

If the upcoming movie showcases Optimus Prime’s journey in his search for The Creators, it will be a combination of Live-Action and CGI. At the same time, human characters in the form of other species might make an appearance. The producers are not sure as to how they wish to proceed, but reports suggest that they are looking at the possible creation of an ‘expanded universe’, similar to the ones in Marvel and DC comics.