Austin Mahone and Becky G Dating Rumors, Austin Makes Cameo in Dazed and Confused

When asked about Mahone, Becky replied that he is a great guy, and she loves spending time with him. She hung out and had a lot of fun with Mahone while he was working on his album in L.A. She further added that it was nice to know someone of her own age and with the same preferences. Latina quoted her saying that it is a ‘different level of understanding’.

Becky, whose real name is Rebecca Marie Gomez shared a photo in Instagram, showing a bouquet of red roses she received on her birthday. The photo was captioned #MyBae. J-14 inquired if Mahone was the one to give her those flowers, to which she tantalizingly replied, ‘’Maybe. I got a lot of flowers on my birthday.’’

In the meantime, Twist Magazine reported that both of them like the same workout plan. Austin Mahone posted a photo in Instagram, showing him kickboxing for the first time. It’s a sport that his rumored girlfriend Becky G adores. Further proof of their intimacy is revealed whenever they talk about each other in interviews or on their personal social network accounts. Sugar Scape reported Becky G saying that she thinks Mahone is super cute and good-looking for sure…’’But no, there’s nothing like that’’. In other news, Austin Mahone made a cameo appearance in Jake Miller’s music video for ‘Dazed and Confused’’.

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