Cavanagh Teases an Exciting Storyline in The Flash Season 2, Cast and Crew Fuel Rumors of Death, Fans Waiting for The Finale!

Episode 21 saw the Barry is lost in time. His speed force left him and everyone thought that Barry had died. However, it was revealed that he is alive, but lost in time.

With The Flash pit of action, the team with have to deal with Girder on their own. When Iris (Candice Patton) realizes that Girder is retracing the steps before his last attack, she decides to become a bait in order to lure him to the STAR Labs.

The trailer for the next episode of The Flash Season 2, shows Barry trying to figure things out.He encounters Iris and Joe (Jesse L. Martin), who he considers to be his friends, until he realizes that they aren’t his friends. Things get a little out of hand when Joe refuses to let Barry go back to his original time frame. Fans will have to wait and watch to find out what happens next.

The Flash Season 2 has posed a lot of questions in the mind of the fans and they are hoping the series provides them the answers for the same soon enough. With just three more episodes before the finale, the answers should be revealed soon.

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