Cavanagh Teases an Exciting Storyline in The Flash Season 2, Cast and Crew Fuel Rumors of Death, Fans Waiting for The Finale!

The Flash Season 2 has been a hard one for Barry aka Flash (Grant Gustin), but Enstarz reports that the viewers will see Barry speechless with what he will encounter in the final episode of The Flash Season 2. The team at STAR Labs has seen enough of betrayals this season with Wells (Tom Cavanagh) turning out to be Eobard Thawne and Jay (Teddy Sears) becoming Zoom.

Fans are hoping that the big thing that is expected to come in the finale of The Flash Season 2 is going to be something good. Barry has gone through a lot this season and fans do not think that the speedster can take any more of it. However, fans are also aware of the fact that Barry doesn’t have the best of luck and hence it might probably be something bad.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Cavanagh is very excited to play out what’s in the final episode of The Flash Season 2. He said that it is interesting to see that with twenty-two episodes done, all that the fans are now looking forward to is the final twenty third episode and the suspense for this episode is greater than all the rest combined.

Cavanagh said that the writers have been working on the finale for a very long time and the actors knew that something big is coming their way. Now when the time is here, they will finally get to play that part and they are sure that the fans are surely going to be surprised with what’s going to take place in the finale.

With Cavanagh talking about the much anticipated finale, there are fans who are hoping that it is something that is going to happen to him. They do not want anything else to affect Barry and they are hoping that it is either Well’s connection to the Man in the Iron Mask or something similar that’s going to be revealed in The Flash Season 2 finale.

Cavanagh was a part of DC All Access and while talking about what the fans can expect from the remaining few episodes of the series, said that in the world of DC Comics, they always push for something bigger and better and do not shy away from making things intense. He even hinted at the fact that The Flash Season 2 might see someone dying.

According to Australia Network, it is likely that team Flash is going to go for something great in the finale of The Flash. The particular explosion that was caused by Harry Wells had given Barry his super speed. However, it wasn’t just him who derived powers from the explosion. It looks like there are two other individuals who have been given the very same power.

With news of the whole team of The Flash Season 2 working at the Mountain Viewer Cemetery, fans are immediately being drawn to the comment that Cavanagh had made about the possibility of someone dying in Season 2 finale.

The fans of the comic book are of the opinion that the character who is likely to die is one of the father figures. It might either be Henry Allen or Joe West who is going to die. Ever since Zoom has made his plans open, Flash has decided to go out to make sure that he can stop him.

With Zoom posing a huge threat on Flash’s life, everyone will go all out to help Flash and it is likely that Henry Allen and Joe West are the ones who will not hesitate twice to sacrifice their life in order to save Barry’s.