Banshee Makes Up for the Past Episodes, Carrie Struggles with Her Life, Feels Hood Has Let Deva Down!

Banshee has started on its last and final episode and the fans who have come to love the series seemed to have felt that the usual zing was missing from the show. However, the last episode, Only One Way a Dogfight Ends was able to restore some of the usual charm of the popular show.

There was, however, a lot of leg work before the characters were given a little breather. With the fourth season coming to an end, the episode saw many characters plummeting under pressure.

Carrie was the focus in the past five episodes. She has taken the task to carry out the vigilant charge against Proctor and to bring out and eliminate all the criminals in Banshee. Gordon and the kids are out of the picture and so Carrie is going to go all out to make way for the anger that she is seething within her. reported that Carrie might want to move away from her criminal past and start over, but the only way she can deal with her problems is to resort to greater violence.

Carrie has to continue living a life in the shadows, operating at night until she is caught or is overstepped and simply gives on being chased anymore. Carrie feels responsible for pulling Deva into the murky world. She and Hood couldn’t protect their daughter from the life that they had lead. Carrie feels that both she and Hood have failed Deva since they had forced a life of blood and bullets on her.

The best thing about Banshee is the way it connects to its audience with the dialogue, and pulls at the heart strings. Deva has entered the world that Hood and Claire have tried to keep her away from. There is a scene where Deva confesses to Hood that she really wants to go back home, but doesn’t know where that is.

Hood has another trouble at hand. Ever since Agent Dawson was introduced in Banshee she had been made to affect Hood. Dawson is a very good looking woman and there is no doubt that Hood is going to be attracted to her. However, what makes Dawson dangerous for Hood is the fact that she has been prodding on his vulnerabilities and his dysfunctional habits.

There is a reason by Cinemax’s Banshee has become so popular with the audience. Being a writer’s medium, television usually doesn’t place a lot of emphasis on the camera work and the action. Hence the action sequences are often shoddy and childish. This is something that the viewers of Banshee can never complain about. They know that the fight sequences in this show are first rate.

One way to make the viewers believe in the fight scene is to make them appear to take a toll on the participants of the fight. The viewers of Banshee will readily agree that the fights in the series are exhausting. Banshee takes its action sequences very seriously and more often than not show something that has hardly been tried in a television series.

As Vox reported, television shows usually steer away from car chases since it would entail a lot of cost and the whole drama of going ahead and arranging for road blockades, which are expensive for the production team.

However, Banshee is a series that has gone ahead with that. It had a sequence where a car was being driven backwards while the driver was firing bullets along with a speeding motorcycle.